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We always have lots of very lovely dogs needing good homes.
All our dogs are microchipped, so if they ever get lost they can be re-united with you very quickly.
We vaccinate our dogs when they come into the rescue if they are not already up to date. Some will need a second injection given later, so you may have to take your new dog to get this done after you have adopted it.
If you are interested in a particular dog, it is always best to telephone the rescue on 0118 9341122 before coming, to make sure the dog has not already been booked.
Please read our Homing Criteria BEFORE coming to see any of our dogs.
We always do a home check before any dog is adopted. This can usually be arranged within a couple of days, but can take a lot longer depending on your location and availability of our homechecker! Once the home check is done we ask that you pick your new pet up within 24 hours, to free up the kennel for another dog needing our help.

We try very hard to make sure our dogs and puppies have the best possible care, given that they are in a rescue environment. We hope to give them the best start to their new lives with you, their adopters, and our staff and volunteers commit a huge amount of time and resources to this. We expect adopters to match this commitment.
When you take on one of our dogs, you are taking on the responsibility for the rest of his or her lifetime. Please look ahead to the future with your dog.
Are you really sure that you are sufficiently committed to the time, effort, training and expense that your dog will need, not just immediately but for a lifetime? Are you going to be able to work through the challenges and issues that are part of dog ownership?
Rescue dogs are no different from other dogs: they all need to be continually trained and controlled, exercised and looked after, and loved and cherished.
The difference with rescue dogs is that humans have already let them down at least once. Please do not book or adopt one of our dogs unless you are completely prepared to work with them, come what may, and that you are COMPLETELY determined that YOU will not be the human who lets them down again.

It is absolutely essential that you view adoption as a LIFETIME commitment before you even consider offering a home to any DBARC animal, bearing always in mind that we do not sell animals but instead seek responsible adopters who will care for them for life.
If you offer a home to one of our animals, we then book the animal to you while a homecheck is arranged. Unfortunately, some people do this then change their minds.
Time-wasters cost too much. Let us explain:

We are very disappointed when people are Time-wasters in this way, nearly as disappointed as we are when people take on animals then return them after a short time without having the compassion and understanding to work with them, perhaps with training classes or with our advice and help. After all, any relationship, whether with animals or people, requires work and commitment! So please THINK very carefully before you book or adopt an animal. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, but it is essential that you have done all your thinking before you offer a home to an innocent little soul who has already faced rejection and trauma. There will be many more animals, so do not rush your choice or compromise the chances for an individual animal.

Our suggested minimum donation for one of our dogs is £180
Donations made by adopters are a vital contribution to our funds. They are not compulsory, as a good home is the first consideration for our animals. Our adopters almost invariably wish to make a donation at the time of adoption however, and the above suggestion represent approx. half the average cost to our charity of preparing each dog for rehoming, although many do cost the charity a lot more due to health and other problems. We try our best to give all animals in our care whatever help they need. Therefore larger donations are always much appreciated
If you are not comfortable with making a donation, please consider the effect this will have on the charity’s ability to help other animals in need in the future. Please also consider your ability to meet the considerable ongoing expenses that responsible animal care represents. These matters should be discussed with us before the adoption proceeds.

Open daily 11.00am to 1.00pm, and 2.00pm to 4.00pm
(PLEASE NOTE - telephone calls will not be answered at weekends and at busy times - the care of our animals will take priority)



AGE Adult
SEX Male (Neutered)
Lucky might be the perfect dog for many people, some of whom are known to us because they have previously adopted AND RETURNED dogs from Rescue.
Lucky has many fine features: If you think Lucky is the dog of your dreams, then sadly, you are no different from many people who have given up on their canine companion for reasons that could easily have been predicted.
Dogs like Lucky are available at good toy retailers everywhere. Good homes for dogs are NOT available everywhere.
DBARC has been very lucky and privileged to find many, many people who have adopted dogs and have loved them, worked with them and KEPT them, and we salute you.
But for some people, we would strongly advise they stick to dogs like Lucky in future.

Judy Judy Judy


AGE ? 1-2 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
DESCRIPTION White with brown head!
Judy is an exceptionally attractive girl, with her unusual markings and agile collie body!
She is a very sociable girl, with a real happy, waggy nature.
Judy is good on a lead, and loves other dogs big and small.
She is great with people of all ages, but is a lively collie type, so not suitable to go with children under 12 years.
Judy is a bright dog, so will certainly need an outlet for her mental energy in the form of training and fun, and she is a physically active dog too so will need lots of exercise.
She will also need company most of the time

Buddy Buddy


AGE ? 1 Year
SEX Male (Neutered)
Buddy was adopted from DBARC earlier this year, but sadly the family do not have the time for him any more, so have decided to find him another home
Buddy has a very calm temperament, and loves everybody. He is a quiet dog and rarely barks
He enjoys playing with a ball, and has done some basic training and knows commands like sit, down & wait
He has lived with children from 7 years upwards, and has been fine with them - he hasn't been around younger children
He is good with other dogs
Buddy loves company, but is also OK being left on his own for short periods of time - he is only a youngster, so shoudn't be left for long periods at all
It is always sad to see young dogs like this end up back in rescue - so we hope he will find himself his forever home asap



AGE ? 2 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
Sox is a lovely, quiet girl, with a calm and friendly disposition - she is a a total darling. She is good in every respect, bless her.
She gets on great with other dogs, good on a lead, house trained, and came from a family with small children with whom she was very loving.
A sad change in family circumstances meant that she had to be given up for rehoming, so now Sox is looking for her own special people to love.
Sox is untried with cats, but in all other respects is a very easy-going and affectionate dog who loves human company, so will need someone around for her most of the time.




AGE ? 3 Year
SEX Male (Neutered)
Kilty has been the loved pet of a young lady and has been a happy, well adjusted and active dog
He has known lots of walks and lots of fun, but sadly all this came to an end when his owner had to move back in with her parents and the parents' dog violently objected to Kilty
Kilty is by no means a fighter, so was just being bullied all the time, so the sad decision was made to find him another home where he would be better off
Kilty is a bright and energetic dog, who will need an owner who enjoys being out and about with a clever collie type
Kilty will need company most of the time

Lola Lola



AGE ? 2 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
Lola has come to us because her owner is sadly moving and unable to take her with them
She is a sweet, playful girl - who loves her squeaky toys!!
She has found coming into kennels quite stressful and has been very scared indeed, but she is being a very brave girl and getting braver & braver by the day, realising she is surrounded by people who love & care for her and not going to hurt her. She has really missed her family a lot poor girl
She will need a home where somebody is home most of the day as she does like company. She would do better in a quieter home with no young children
She is just a youngster, and is a very bright girl indeed - so she would benefit from training classes to bring out the potential she has, she is a real quick learner
As she is so toy focussed - perhaps she would do very well in a doggie sport like Flyball or Agility at which she would probably excell as she is quite a live wire
Most of all she will need kind, caring and understanding adopters who will allow her the time she needs to settle in and be committed to her whatever she throws at them - not people who will quit on her at the 1st sign of problems

Danny Danny



AGE ? 2 Years
SEX Male (Neutered)
Danny is a sweet little chap who has been rescued from a dog pound where he was handed in as simply "unwanted". It's hard to see how anyone could part with him as he is a really affectionate, happy little dog who just wants to be cuddled and fussed.
Like most smaller terrier types, he is a busy, active dog, but unlike many of his type, he is very good with other dogs and enjoys their company, so he is a really sociable little boy.
Danny travels well in the car, and is good on the lead. He really likes human company as well as canine friends, so will need an interactive and stimulating lifestyle.
As he has no long-term history, we would not wish to place him with children under 12 years.
He is not good with cats or other small animals, so no feline friends please!
He will need company most of the time.




AGE ? 8 Years
SEX Male (Neutered)
"Hello everyone, I'm Ted!
I am a Bearded Collie type chap. Maybe there is some Old English Sheepdog in my mix also. I am very appealing looking and actually quite a physically large boy, well, I say boy but I am really an older Gent. I think I am about 8 years old.
I am finding it very difficult to even talk to you to tell you about myself. It just brings tears to my eyes to think about the situation in which I find myself. Can you believe it? I spent my life being a faithful companion and for I don't know what reason I now find myself homeless and alone, with no special person in my life and no fireside to curl up beside.
Life can be so cruel sometimes can't it? I am very upset as you can tell and finding this whole situation hard to cope with.
When we dogs get here, we are assessed and the nice rescue people try to think what sort of home we need; tip top of my wish list is company. Plain and simple. I just want to be loved, to be honest, I need to be loved. Every fibre in me is simply crying out for company and a person to call my own.
Yeah, sure I would need and love walks and activity and all the normal stuff but company is the reason for my living. Someone to rub a hand over me and be happy to have me in their life.
I have masses and masses of love to give right back to my own special someone. Who would ever have thought life would come to this, eh?
Maybe if you are feeling a bit lonely too we could hook up and be the light in each others day? Come on out and meet me, I will even smile for you."
Ted will need someone around for him most of the time, and he would not be compatible with cats or small pets.

Lady Lady



AGE ? 1 Year
SEX Female (Neutered)
Cute little Lady was taken to a dog pound, and as an unclaimed stray she was waiting for a rescue space when it seemed like her luck had changed because someone came along and adopted her.
However, this change in her fortune proved to be short-lived because her new owner unfortunately soon decided that a lively young terrier was more than she had bargained for, although she did kindly agree to keep and care for Lady until there was a space for her at DBARC, giving us the chance to learn a little more about her.
Lady is very friendly with people of all ages, although too lively to be a successful family member with children under 12 years.
She is house-trained, good on the lead, travels well in the car and is good with other dogs of all shapes and sizes.
She is not at all good with cats, and not therefore suitable to be rehomed with them or with other small animals or livestock.
She is a happy, cheeky girl who will make a great companion for someone used to terrier temperament, and who is able to give her some further training as she is just a youngster, and who can give her company most of the time.




AGE ? 2 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
Look at this amazingly beautiful and totally transformed dog.
Here is what her rescuer and fosterer has to say about her:
"Arya was found collapsed in a supermarket car park. I got an urgent call for help.
When I got there she was very nervous and it took a while to catch her but I eventually did with the help of food.
She was emaciated, lots of hair loss, skin very sore and she was still producing milk so not long away from pups.
Arya soon become relaxed once she was treated and had some good food, a nice soft bed and a bit of kindness.
She is such a darling dog, very kind, a little timid when she first meets someone but quickly becomes friends once she is shown kindness. She will bond quickly with her carer.
She is a fun loving dog who adores being with you. She is good with all dogs large and small, male and female. She loves going out in the car and travels well.
Arya deserves a fantastic home with people who will love her as much as she will love them. A total sweetheart.
Updates would be very welcome once she has settled into her new home."




AGE ? 4 Months
SEX Female
Sweet little Candy was given into the pound after being found in a ditch aged about 8 weeks old,
She is a dear little dog, very lively and can be head strong, so perhaps not a dog for a first-time dog owner, or one with children under 12 years.
Candy mixes very well with dogs, though is a bit too lively for cats.
Candy will make a lovely family dog, but she will need commitment to her training, and of course she will need company most of the time
Please pay attention to the criteria listed below BEFORE considering coming to see any of our puppies
Please remember that pups are fun but also LOTS of work. They are a lifetime commitment, and will also be a lifetime of joy IF you raise them and train them right. So do not even consider having one in your life unless you are prepared to be completely responsible for their upbringing and also are the sort of adopter who will see any glitches as challenges rather than problems.
These little lives will literally be in YOUR hands, and it will be your responsibility to bring them along to be happy and well adjusted dogs.
You will also need to:




AGE ? 4 Months
SEX Female
Look at this adorable little darling!
She is a very special little girl, and we will be looking for a home for her with someone who has had experience of German Shepherds, and who will be totally dedicated to all the effort and energy that a puppy like Alona.
All this little poppet has ever known since birth is love and the best of care.
Here is what her fosterer has to say about her
"I took Alona's mum and her mum's sister from the local pound, once home I soon realised one was pregnant, a scan at the vet confirmed it.
Alona was one of 5 pups born 2 weeks later but was the only survivor of the litter due to the mum's stress at being dumped in the pound and ending up with strangers....!
Alona is a cheeky little madam, very friendly and has a lot to say for herself at times.
She is a blank canvas and needs someone who will be committed to her training."

Please pay attention to the criteria listed below BEFORE considering coming to see any of our puppies
Please remember that pups are fun but also LOTS of work. They are a lifetime commitment, and will also be a lifetime of joy IF you raise them and train them right. So do not even consider having one in your life unless you are prepared to be completely responsible for their upbringing and also are the sort of adopter who will see any glitches as challenges rather than problems.
These little lives will literally be in YOUR hands, and it will be your responsibility to bring them along to be happy and well adjusted dogs.
You will also need to:

Lazer Lazer & Caroline Caroline



AGE ? 3 1/2 Years
SEX Male & Female (Both Neutered)
DESCRIPTION Liver & White and Black & White
This beautiful pair of dogs came into rescue care after the very sad death of their owner.
All at once they lost their home, the person they loved, and all their feline friends too, so were totally reliant upon each other for comfort, and for that reason we would like to find them a home together.
Adopting a ready-made doggy pair like this can be a brilliantly successful option: the dogs settle quickly as they have their companion that they are used to, and this is also helpful in preventing any separation anxiety issues when their adopter is out or busy.
Lazer and Caroline would make a great pair of dogs for anyone looking for active companions. They have been in foster care whilst waiting to come to DBARC to find a permanent loving home, and here is what the fosterer has to say about them:
"Lazer and Caroline were quite traumatised when they first arrived but have grown in confidence.
They are very good on the lead and do come to call when they are let off.
They did use to live with cats.
They are very friendly with people, a bit boisterous for smaller children but no malice.
Caroline has a very endearing smile - lifting her top lip to show her teeth. The late owner's friend who delivered them told us about the smile, and we were delighted to see it in such a short time after they arrived. It is genuine and not aggressive!!
They love rich tea biscuits, and chips, and Laser is cute when he eats his dinner, he lies down and circles his paw around his bowl!"

Lazer and Caroline deserve a loving home of their own, where they will get lots of walks and lots of cuddles - but not TOO many rich tea biscuits or chips, just the occasional treat!
We would not wish to place them with children under 12 years