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We always have lots of very lovely dogs needing good homes.
All our dogs are microchipped, so if they ever get lost they can be re-united with you very quickly.
We vaccinate our dogs when they come into the rescue if they are not already up to date. Some will need a second injection given later, so you may have to take your new dog to get this done after you have adopted it.
If you are interested in a particular dog, it is always best to telephone the rescue on 0118 9341122 before coming, to make sure the dog has not already been booked.
Please read our Homing Criteria BEFORE coming to see any of our dogs.
We always do a home check before any dog is adopted. This can usually be arranged within a couple of days, but can take a lot longer depending on your location and availability of our homechecker! Once the home check is done we ask that you pick your new pet up within 24 hours, to free up the kennel for another dog needing our help.

We try very hard to make sure our dogs and puppies have the best possible care, given that they are in a rescue environment. We hope to give them the best start to their new lives with you, their adopters, and our staff and volunteers commit a huge amount of time and resources to this. We expect adopters to match this commitment.
When you take on one of our dogs, you are taking on the responsibility for the rest of his or her lifetime. Please look ahead to the future with your dog.
Are you really sure that you are sufficiently committed to the time, effort, training and expense that your dog will need, not just immediately but for a lifetime? Are you going to be able to work through the challenges and issues that are part of dog ownership?
Rescue dogs are no different from other dogs: they all need to be continually trained and controlled, exercised and looked after, and loved and cherished.
The difference with rescue dogs is that humans have already let them down at least once. Please do not book or adopt one of our dogs unless you are completely prepared to work with them, come what may, and that you are COMPLETELY determined that YOU will not be the human who lets them down again.

It is absolutely essential that you view adoption as a LIFETIME commitment before you even consider offering a home to any DBARC animal, bearing always in mind that we do not sell animals but instead seek responsible adopters who will care for them for life.
If you offer a home to one of our animals, we then book the animal to you while a homecheck is arranged. Unfortunately, some people do this then change their minds.
Time-wasters cost too much. Let us explain:

We are very disappointed when people are Time-wasters in this way, nearly as disappointed as we are when people take on animals then return them after a short time without having the compassion and understanding to work with them, perhaps with training classes or with our advice and help. After all, any relationship, whether with animals or people, requires work and commitment! So please THINK very carefully before you book or adopt an animal. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, but it is essential that you have done all your thinking before you offer a home to an innocent little soul who has already faced rejection and trauma. There will be many more animals, so do not rush your choice or compromise the chances for an individual animal.

Our suggested minimum donation for one of our dogs is £180
Donations made by adopters are a vital contribution to our funds. They are not compulsory, as a good home is the first consideration for our animals. Our adopters almost invariably wish to make a donation at the time of adoption however, and the above suggestion represent approx. half the average cost to our charity of preparing each dog for rehoming, although many do cost the charity a lot more due to health and other problems. We try our best to give all animals in our care whatever help they need. Therefore larger donations are always much appreciated
If you are not comfortable with making a donation, please consider the effect this will have on the charity’s ability to help other animals in need in the future. Please also consider your ability to meet the considerable ongoing expenses that responsible animal care represents. These matters should be discussed with us before the adoption proceeds.

Open daily 11.00am to 1.00pm, and 2.00pm to 4.00pm
(PLEASE NOTE - telephone calls will not be answered at weekends and at busy times - the care of our animals will take priority)

We have taken in a massive amount of Guinea Pigs which are costing us a lot of money to feed!
If you can help us by donating us some fruit & vegetables for them - we would be very grateful!



AGE Adult
SEX Male (Neutered)
Lucky might be the perfect dog for many people, some of whom are known to us because they have previously adopted AND RETURNED dogs from Rescue.
Lucky has many fine features: If you think Lucky is the dog of your dreams, then sadly, you are no different from many people who have given up on their canine companion for reasons that could easily have been predicted.
Dogs like Lucky are available at good toy retailers everywhere. Good homes for dogs are NOT available everywhere.
DBARC has been very lucky and privileged to find many, many people who have adopted dogs and have loved them, worked with them and KEPT them, and we salute you.
But for some people, we would strongly advise they stick to dogs like Lucky in future.

Jack Jack Jack


AGE ? 4-6 Years
SEX Male (Believed Neutered)
Click here to see Jack's video
Jack was found frantically racing along a remote road, and it is likely that he was chasing after a callous individual who had just abandoned him, not realising that they would never stop for him.
Eventually he was apprehended by a kindly person who was able to comfort him and get him into a rescue care situation.
Technically a stray, every effort was made to find his owner but perhaps predictably, nobody came to claim him.
Jack is a lovely dog, gentle and good-natured, and friendly with everyone he meets, and with other dogs.
He is likely to have some confidence issues after being heartlessly abandoned, so will need to learn that his new owners will come and go, but will always come back to him.
He has learned that car journeys will not normally end in the horrible way he first feared, so will soon blossom once he realises his new humans are his for keeps, bless him.
As he has no long-term history, we would not wish to place him with children under 12 although he appears very affectionate with people of all ages.

Chance Chance Chance


AGE ? 7 Year
SEX Male (Neutered)
Click here to see Chance's video
Chance has come to us because his owner couldn't cope with him. A member of the family took him on and has been caring for him, but the neighbours have started complaining, insisting he is rehomed
He is a very timid little guy, scared & nervous of strangers - he is looking for a kind & gentle, quiet home with no young children
Although he barks at strangers, he has never been aggressive to people, it is just a fear thing with him as people have not been kind to him in his early years
He is very well behaved, totally housetrained and good in the home.
Once he gets to know you he is very loving, cuddly & affectionate. He can do tricks like paw, catch a ball, sit and roll over
He is good on a lead and will sit by the side of the road. He heals well - but does become stressed in a busy, noisy environment
We hope poor Chance finds himself his perfect, quiet home soon as kennel life is going to be very stressful for him. Good luck Chance

Dolly Dolly Dolly


AGE ? 3 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
DESCRIPTION Brindle & White (one eyed!)
Click here to see Dolly's video
Dolly was in an awful condition when she came into rescue after being dumped in a bog with 5 other dogs, she had very sore skin though having mange & claws like talons.
She has a docked tail & is blind in one eye which the vet said is due to an old, untreated injury. We have since had her eye removed as it was of no use to her, and was at risk of ijury
She had been neglected for a long time and used for breeding. Fortunately for Dolly, she was taken in by an very experienced fosterer who, over many months, restored this gentle little dog to full health, and also restored her faith in human beings.
Her fosterer says:
"Dolly is a sweet dog who loves affection and attention, going for walks and a comfy bed, she travels well in the car and is good walking on lead.
She is good with dogs but does not like them barking at her (I have a gobby shepherd..!). Not recommended with cats.
Dolly deserves a home of her own now that will spoil her and give her the love she has never had, perhaps with older children and maybe matching another dog for company."



AGE ? 18 Months
SEX Male (Neutered)
This fellow is lucky to have made it out of a dog pound as the manager of same was unhappy because he was barking and had decided to "eliminate" the problem by having the dog destroyed.
Fortunately a rescue person was notified of his plight and Barney was saved from certain destruction.
He is a very happy young fellow. Settles in to a walk on lead after initially pulling, but this is not his fault as poor Barney was given no training at all by any former owner.
As he was a stray we have no background information on him. He is great travelling in a car, though a little nervous of anything new so patience is required with Barney.
He loves human company, but is too active for a home with young children. Training classes would be essential for Barney.
He seems fine around female dogs, nervous of male dogs and unfortunately we have no knowledge of him with cats though it is highly likely he would chase them!
Barney is desperate for love and attention, so will need a home where there is someone around most of the time, and where he will have an interesting and active lifestyle.



AGE ? 2 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
Lori was rescued from a pound along with her daughter, quite literally at the last minute. She would have faced a grim fate had a rescue worker not saved her
Since then, whilst waiting to come to DBARC for homing, she has been in an experienced foster home who has this to say about this beautiful girl
"Lori is a very lively girl who will need somebody who is experienced with GSD's
She is very forward and very headstrong. She will benefit from an active home, and an adopter who is prepared to put the effort into training her
She is great with people, but should only be rehomed with older children as she can be very bouncy
I would suggest her only being rehomed with a male dog, or as an only dog
I would not recommend homing her with cats!"

Halo Halo Halo


AGE ? 3 Years
SEX Male (Neutered)
Halo has come to us because his owners are losing their home and have nowhere to take Halo & the 2 guinea pigs we have taken too
He is a really sweet little man, and has been pretty well trained in the past - he knows how to beg, lie down, sit, paw, rolls over - he is one talented pooch! You should see him sitting with a treat on his nose until you give the command 'yes'!!
He has lived with children in his home and has always been good with them
He is also good with cats & guinea pigs!
He is a friendly boy who has taken coming into kennels very well indeed. He is just so happy to see everybody - he spends most of his time wagging his tail and lapping up all the attention he is receiving!
We suspect he will not be searching for a new home for long as he is such a lovely boy - best be quick with this little man!

Ellie Ellie Ellie


AGE ? 1 Year
SEX Female (Neutered)
Ellie has come to us because her owners are moving home and are unable to take her with them
She is a friendly, happy girl who has lived with young children and another dog in the home with no problems
She is good with other dogs, and is OK with brave cats - but will chase them if they run!
She is quite scared at being in the kennel block - so we really do hope she finds herself a nice family asap

Izzy Izzy Izzy


AGE ? 7 Months
SEX Female (Neutered)
Izzy was adopted a few weeks ago - and has sadly been returned because the family invited a friend to stay with their own dog - and Izzy did not get on with this dog so was sadly brought back to DBARC
During the time the family have had Izzy, she has been nervous around other dogs, showing some nervous agression - so why anybody would think bringing another dog into her environment would be a good idea we just don't know
Since being back at DBARC, Izzy is indeed very stressed & fearful. She is obviously very confused at finding herself back in rescue so soon
Izzy will need very kind and compasionate owners who will work with her to build up her confidence, and introduce her properly to other calm and gentle dogs in the correct manner and understand her sensitive nature.
It is so sad to see dogs like Izzy in the kennels as she is so unhappy - we hope a really lovely, caring family will come and meet her very soon




AGE ? 6 Months
SEX Female
Cara's life was saved with literally minuits to spare.
She and her mother, who has also come to DBARC for homing, were in a dog pound, but their time was up and there was nowhere for them to go.
At the very last minute for these dogs, a rescue worker managed to go in and save them
Since her rescue, Cara has been in the care of an experienced fosterer who says that this sweet little girl is a real diamond of a dog
She is a very confident dog who gets on well with all other dogs, and loves to play and particularly enjoys a bit of rough & tumble!
She walks quite well on the lead for a youngster, and travels well in the car
As with any youngster, she will not remain the pleasant young lady she is unless her adopters raise her properly. She will need training and socialisation and company most of the time