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We always have lots of very lovely dogs needing good homes.
All our dogs are microchipped, so if they ever get lost they can be re-united with you very quickly.
We vaccinate our dogs when they come into the rescue if they are not already up to date. Some will need a second injection given later, so you may have to take your new dog to get this done after you have adopted it.
If you are interested in a particular dog, it is always best to telephone the rescue on 0118 9341122 before coming, to make sure the dog has not already been booked.
Please read our Homing Criteria BEFORE coming to see any of our dogs.
We always do a home check before any dog is adopted. This can usually be arranged within a couple of days, but can take a lot longer depending on your location and availability of our homechecker! Once the home check is done we ask that you pick your new pet up within 24 hours, to free up the kennel for another dog needing our help.

We try very hard to make sure our dogs and puppies have the best possible care, given that they are in a rescue environment. We hope to give them the best start to their new lives with you, their adopters, and our staff and volunteers commit a huge amount of time and resources to this. We expect adopters to match this commitment.
When you take on one of our dogs, you are taking on the responsibility for the rest of his or her lifetime. Please look ahead to the future with your dog.
Are you really sure that you are sufficiently committed to the time, effort, training and expense that your dog will need, not just immediately but for a lifetime? Are you going to be able to work through the challenges and issues that are part of dog ownership?
Rescue dogs are no different from other dogs: they all need to be continually trained and controlled, exercised and looked after, and loved and cherished.
The difference with rescue dogs is that humans have already let them down at least once. Please do not book or adopt one of our dogs unless you are completely prepared to work with them, come what may, and that you are COMPLETELY determined that YOU will not be the human who lets them down again.

It is absolutely essential that you view adoption as a LIFETIME commitment before you even consider offering a home to any DBARC animal, bearing always in mind that we do not sell animals but instead seek responsible adopters who will care for them for life.
If you offer a home to one of our animals, we then book the animal to you while a homecheck is arranged. Unfortunately, some people do this then change their minds.
Time-wasters cost too much. Let us explain:

We are very disappointed when people are Time-wasters in this way, nearly as disappointed as we are when people take on animals then return them after a short time without having the compassion and understanding to work with them, perhaps with training classes or with our advice and help. After all, any relationship, whether with animals or people, requires work and commitment! So please THINK very carefully before you book or adopt an animal. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, but it is essential that you have done all your thinking before you offer a home to an innocent little soul who has already faced rejection and trauma. There will be many more animals, so do not rush your choice or compromise the chances for an individual animal.

Our suggested minimum donation for one of our dogs is £180
Donations made by adopters are a vital contribution to our funds. They are not compulsory, as a good home is the first consideration for our animals. Our adopters almost invariably wish to make a donation at the time of adoption however, and the above suggestion represent approx. half the average cost to our charity of preparing each dog for rehoming, although many do cost the charity a lot more due to health and other problems. We try our best to give all animals in our care whatever help they need. Therefore larger donations are always much appreciated
If you are not comfortable with making a donation, please consider the effect this will have on the charity’s ability to help other animals in need in the future. Please also consider your ability to meet the considerable ongoing expenses that responsible animal care represents. These matters should be discussed with us before the adoption proceeds.

Open daily 11.00am to 1.00pm, and 2.00pm to 4.00pm
(PLEASE NOTE - telephone calls will not be answered at weekends and at busy times - the care of our animals will take priority)

(Not cross-shredded, thank you!)

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'Fun' Dog Show, including Doggie Fancy Dress!
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So why not come along on Sunday 5th July and enjoy the fun!
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BREED		TERRIER CROSS (Pos. Chihuahua cross)
AGE ? 6 Years
SEX Male (Neutered)
This poor dog is a prime example of how animals suffer due to human ignorance.
Snowy was bought as a puppy for the children to play with, the children were at that time 3 and 6 years old.
Now bearing in mind Snowy only weights 2.2kg now, can you imagine what size he was as an 8 week old pup?! Well the inevitable happened, the dog was treated as a plaything, and soon the 3 year old got growled at by Snowy so off to the garden he went to spend the next 3 years on his own.
With summer on the way the family decided that Snowy had to go because the children needed to play in the garden, so off Snowy went to the dog pound.... To be swapped for another dog! Unbelievable.
An animal rescuer found Snowy in the pound, he was absolutely traumatised, didn't know what was happening or how to deal with the strange place or the stranger's that were there trying to help him.
He was emaciated, pin bones sticking out, ears were bald and frost bitten. He was in quite a state, mentally and physically.
So she took him home to nurse him back to health, and now after some weeks of tlc, he is ready for DBARC to find him a new home.
Snowy will need a home with no children due to his tormented past. No cats, he really dislikes them and preferably no dogs.
Snowy needs to be an only dog so that he can bond closely to his new owner, who will need to be a previous dog owner with lots of love and empathy in order to continue the good work of the fosterer.
The adopter will be an especially caring person who will give this poor dog the second chance he deserves, and work with him to restore his faith in life in general as he does have some unusual traits.
For example Snowy is not keen about going for a walk but absolutely loves going out in the car, his little bed on the passenger seat, always on his best behaviour there especially when an ice cream stop is involved!
He panics if put out in the garden alone, so his new owner will need to keep him company when outside. Snowy needs an understanding home, somewhere where he will be treated like a proper dog not a clockwork toy for childrens amusement.
He is funny, affectionate, loves playing with toys and collects them all into the middle of the room.
Hopefully, someone will see a fantastic little companion in Snowy and offer a home that he deserves.

Galaxy Galaxy


AGE ? 1 Year
SEX Male (Neutered)
Galaxy was given up for rehoming because he is a friendly dog who tends to jump up when greeting, and he kept knocking the small children in the family down!
Perhaps it would have been preferable not to get a puppy with small children, or perhaps it would have been possible to train him not to jump up. But once again, a lovely dog became homeless due to a perfectly forseeable situation.
Galaxy just needs some basic training, plenty of exercise and fun - in fact the normal lifestyle for any young dog that is a cross of two active breeds.
We would like to find him a home where he will have the love and understanding he has clearly not enjoyed to date, and due to his past, we would not want to rehome him with children unless they are used to dogs and confident around them.
Galaxy is a bright dog who loves to learn, and loves his walks and games.
He will make a super companion for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle, and who can give him company most of the time.

drum drum drum


AGE ? 4 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
Lovely Drum has had a lot of love, but not a lot of luck!
She was originally the well-loved companion to an elderly person, but sadly the lady had to go into sheltered housing and could not take her, but all seemed well as she was given a home with a young family.
She was brilliant with the child, and had a wonderful life for a couple of years, enjoying beach walks every day and a lot of love and care.
However, the neighbouring farmer wrongly accused Drum of chasing his sheep, and threatened to shoot her! Things became very unpleasant, so for the dog's safety, Drum went to stay on the farm of a family member until a rescue place could be found for her.
She has been living very happily with other dogs and even a donkey, but was inclined to chase the farm cat so no feline company for this one!
Drum will make a wonderful family dog - as long as there are no cats in the family!
She loves her walks, so will need an active life, and she has never been left on her own apart from with doggie friends, so will need company most of the time

Kaiser Kaiser Kaiser      


AGE ? 5-6 Years
SEX Male (Neutered)
Meet the very gorgeous Kaiser!
He is a lovable, affectionate, very handsome big fellow.
His former owner suffered a medical catastrophe and had to urgently re home both Kaiser and another family dog, as he could no longer look after them. Kaiser is very people friendly & he is a very mannerly dog.
He also shared his life with a female Rottweiler x German Shepherd who was his best pal.
Kaiser is excellent travelling in the car & happy to just be with you as much as possible, which is typical of the GSD breed.
He is strong on the lead, but due unfortunately to the nature of his owner's condition he has missed out on daily walks for quite some time, so he is looking for a home where he will have lots of exercise and love.
He has not lived with children, so we would not wish to place him with youngsters under 10 years. He will need company most of the time

Ruby Ruby



AGE ? 2 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
Ruby had known a rather harsh and lonely life, but all this changed when she was taken into foster care, and she has well and truly put her past behind her!
The fosterer who cared for her until Ruby could come to DBARC says this is a very special girl indeed!
She is gentle and affectionate in the home, and friendly with everyone she meets.
She is also amazingly good with other dogs, loving to play and run with all. She is good on and off the lead, and is an absolute joy.
She has learned so much in quite a short time with her fosterer, but she is a highly intelligent, typical collie, so further training and an outlet for her energy and her brains, otherwise all the fantastic progress she has made will not continue
Ruby has not lived with small children, so we would not wish to place her with youngsters under 10 years.
She will need an interesting and active lifestyle, and company most of the time.

Beau Bella



AGE ? 2 Years
SEX Male & Female (Both Neutered)
Beau & Bella have lived together since puppies so had all their young life together until their owner simply decided they didn't want them anymore so took them to the pound together
They endured a frightening time with large dog intimidating them until a rescue worker spotted their plight and put into place the necessary steps to enable them to come to DBARC to find a loving home
Although not brother and sister, they are a closely bonded pair - so for this reason we would like to try to find them a home together as until they were rescued it is very likely that the only love they have ever know is each others
In their foster home they have been the perfect guests. Housetrained, well behaved, good with other dogs but absolutely mistified as to what a cat is. They are either frightened of the bold cats, and keen to see how fast the scared ones can run - so no feline friends for this little pair
We have no idea if they have lived with children, so would not wish to place them with youngsters under 12 years - and although young dogs so should not be left for long periods, because they have each other they will cope on their own for reasonable periods of time




AGE ? 6 Months
SEX Female (Neutered)
April is a beautiful looking dog, with her unusual eyes, one brown and one blue!
She had been handed into a dog pound as unwanted, but it is very clear that this sweet young dog has seen the less pleasant side of human nature.
She was very timid when first rescued, but has gained in confidence in her foster home, although she will still need a calm and kind owner to continue to help her.
She is an exceptionally loving dog once she realises you won't harm her, but due to her slight shyness we would not wish to place her with children under 12 years.
April walks well on the lead, but has had little basic training, so will need someone with plenty of patience and enthusiasm. She is good with other dogs.
All she needs is time and TLC and she will truly be a dog of a lifetime. She will need lots of walks and fun, and company most of the time.

Sassy Sassy



AGE ? 6 Years
SEX Female (Neutered)
Sassy has come to us because she is not keen on the young child in the home
She has been living happily in the home with a 7 year old who she is fine with, but the younger child she just doesn't like!
Because of this, we would not want to place her in a home with children under 12 years either resident or regularly visiting
She is fully housetrained (uses a cat flap!), does not like cats and is not over keen on dogs
She is a sweet little girl, but do not be fooled by her cute looks - chihuahua's are feisty little things and Sassy is no exception!
Her recall is apparently a little rubbish, so a bit more training will be needed here before she can be safely allowed off lead!
Please do some research on the breed before you consider offering her a home, they are not dogs for the faint hearted!