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Teddy Teddy Teddy      


COLOUR Tri Colour
AGE Aprox. 8 Years
SEX Male (Neutered)
Teddie is 8 in September.
Teddie is currently being fostered with another dog, a 1 year old Vizsla, near Reading.
He is sociable with other dogs but can sometimes be irritated if they keep sniffing his rear end! He has stayed with a neighbour who has 3 dogs and has stayed in other houses where there are dogs. He only has a few he "plays" with but has become good pals with Red, who he is currently living with. With most dogs he has a mutual sniff and then moves away unless they both want to play and then he will take part in a bouncy tousle. If he feel irritated or he will give a sharp bark to warn other dogs to move away.
He does the most amazing recalls, - to every human around. He runs up to and sits at the side of whoever is calling especially when a treat is involved. He will also greet other humans in the vicinity. I watched him hit someone's pocket with his head and then sit waiting. Sure enough there were treats in the pocket and he was given one. Teddie is very gentle when taking treats.
He will chase any squirrel/cat/rabbit/deer he sees
He is terrified of vets. Last time we had to give him valium and put a muzzle on him. His inoculations are up to date except for kennel cough which is sprayed into their noses. As he never goes in kennels this has not been a concern.
He will sit, lie down or roll over to command. He responds to the recall "Teddie come" but if at a distance simply put your arms out wide and bend down as he starts to run towards you.
Teddie is a wonderful dog and, after fostering him for less than a month, has shown he is a loyal companion. He is not a cuddly dog but will sit by your side and nuzzle your hand for a stroke. Even though he is becoming an older dog, he still loves a good run in the woods or local park and will play like a puppy with my dog and his buddies.
If you could offer this lovely dog a home, please e-mail his fosterer for more information

Bonnie Silus Silus  


AGE ? 4-5 Years
SEX Female & Male (Neutered)
PLEASE NOTE THESE DOGS ARE NOT AT DBARC - PLEASE E-MAIL their owner for more information

We have had Silus for 4 years and Bonnie for 3 years
Due to unforeseeable family circumstances, we have made the difficult decision to rehome our wonderful dogs, Bonnie and Silus. It has been a very hard decision as our dogs are a big part of our family.
We would love the dogs to be rehomed together but understand this may not be possible and our other hope is that they go from our loving home to another loving home without having to go to a rescue centre. We fully understand that both of our hopes may not be possible but hopefully the attached write ups on our dogs will help.
Bonnie has been in our family for three years now and has been a beautiful and loving dog with a passion for walking, jumping and mostly 'getting the ball'! She is very obedient, house trained and can 'play dead' on command! She is excellent with my 11 year old and is very keen for cuddles. She is not keen on being left on her own for long periods of time and prefers to jump in the back of the car and go with you. She is a fun and lively dog and will give back all the love she gets.
Silus has been in our family for 4 years now and is one of the strangest but lovable dogs you will ever meet. He is a Bassett crossed with a Staffie and always gets comments when out walking as he has a unique look about him. He is a strong dog but so gentle, especially with my 11 year old. He is very obedient when food is involved...Silus loves his food! He loves walking and playing but needs a substantial amount of space as he has a whip of a tail! He has a loud bark but that is the Bassett in him.
Silus and Bonnie - I could go on and on about our two, but all you would need to do is meet them and see what they are really like, loving, friendly and adorable.

Cooper	Cooper	Cooper


AGE Aprox. 2 Years
SEX Male (Neutered)
Cooper has gone to a foster home SO IS NOT AT THE CENTRE as he was getting so stressed in kennels, so if you are interested in offering him a home, please contact his fosterer for more information
Cooper has been having a great time in his foster home, but really needs his own special someone to love.
He has been out and about on group walks and to events, and has proved to be a lovely and loving guy with people, and fine with other dogs.
He needs a permanent new home, as he can't stay in foster forever! Cooper is a very active dog, so will need to go to someone who themselves enjoys an active lifestyle.
He is full of fun!! He would be too boisterous for someone not used to large dogs. He will need - and thoroughly enjoy - some further training at dog classes.
He will make a handsome, happy companion for the right person, so if that might be YOU, please ring his fosterer on 01932 571268 to have a chat about Cooper.
Look what a handsome boy he is now:

Handsome Cooper was found straying on a major road and taken in by the family who found hime. He was never claimed, and stayed with his resucers for about 2 months, but due to their work committments, he was spending all the day on his own and became very bored, amused himself by "reorganising" their garden so they asked if he could be rehomed.
Cooper is strong, very lively and active. He will need an owner who is experienced with dogs, and at home daytime.
He is a super friendly fellow, but far too lively to be homed with young children. He lived happiy with teenagers whilst in his initial rescuers home.
His finders had another, older dog and Cooper got along well with her, but we feel he would do best as an "only dog" as he really needs to bond to his human family. He is NOT good with cats.
While Cooper was with the family who rescued him he went on holiday with them to the seaside. Cooper loves to swim & he went out canoeing with them in the canoe, he also swam alongside the canoe for a mile, but he was attached to a lead while swimming.
He is a super fun boy, and will make a wonderful dog for someone willing to meet his needs for exercise and company.
He will need further training, he will need work on his recall and general doggie manners, so he would definately certainly need to enrol in training classes.