Our little Biscuit litter

BISCUIT (Their mummy, now homed)

Hello DBARC Puppy Seeker!
All puppies are cute, but everyone at DBARC thinks we are exceptionally cute,(and we agree) because we were actually born at the Centre so everyone there has loved us since Day 1.
Our mummy is called Biscuit, hence our appropriate names! Mummy is a tiny terrier girl, but she's not telling anyone who our Daddy is, but we are likely to be larger than her when we grow up, but still small dogs.
However, we will be small dogs with BIG personalities, because we are at least half terrier, and that means we will also be likely to be very active, very bright dogs too.
So if you are looking to consider adopting one of us, get past the cuteness and understand that we will be high energy, high intelligence dogs requiring high levels of input from our adopters.
We will NOT suit people seeking a quiet companion, and will not be likely to be a good match for families with younger children.

We are very special puppies, and our special friends at DBARC will be carefully selecting the best homes for us where our needs will be met with love, understanding and devotion, just like we have known since birth!
We know we are going to need lots of time and effort, lots of fun, lots of training (dog school will be essential) but we will also be lots of joy to our adopters!

If you are considering offering one a home, please take a long, hard look at what dog ownership really means.
Don't even go there unless you are well-prepared, and are ready to work through all the training and are completely committed to your dog for the whole of his or her life.
We have had dogs and puppies returned to us in the past for quite ludicrous reasons, such as being unhousetrained, being lively(!), or sometimes even for growing bigger!
Unless you have a plan as to how you will cope with such normal things, and many others, please do not embark upon the serious commitment that dog adoption comprises.
Please pay attention to the criteria listed below BEFORE considering coming to see any of our puppies
Please remember that pups are fun but also LOTS of work. They are a lifetime commitment, and will also be a lifetime of joy IF you raise them and train them right. So do not even consider having one in your life unless you are prepared to be completely responsible for their upbringing and also are the sort of adopter who will see any glitches as challenges rather than problems.
These little lives will literally be in YOUR hands, and it will be your responsibility to bring them along to be happy and well adjusted dogs.
You will also need to: