Tellington TTouch Training Method

Your new DBARC pet is home, what happens now?

If you have recently re-homed a rescue animal the first 6 months can be very daunting.
Training problems, behaviours, fears and phobias start to emerge and suddenly your darling new pet doesn't seem quite so appealing.
What do you do then? Toni Shelbourne Tellington TTouch Practitioner may have the answer.

Once your new dog, cat, small animal or bird arrives home there is often a period of settling in which can highlight problems not seen in the rescue centre environment.
Stress can hide behaviours that only emerge when the animal starts to feel confident and safe.
This 'honeymoon' period can be from 2 weeks to a month but if seasonally related, for example a fear of fireworks, you may not notice a problem for a long time.

It is normal for a rescue animal to take from 6 months to 1 year to readjust to its new situation and family.
Sometimes the animal has been so traumatised by its life before going into rescue that some elements of their behaviour may persist for a long time, if not forever, if not addressed.

Toni has been working closely with DBARC since 2005 and assists the staff by advising and helping new owners overcome any problems which come up.
This in turn helps many dogs and other animals stay in a home environment and not get bounced back to rescue time and time again.

She uses the Tellington TTouch Training Method to rehabilitate animals, help them form a bond with their new owners and teach the owner to understand their pet more.
This knowledge can be vital in helping both animals and people readjust to new situation.

To find out more go to or ask the staff at the centre for more information.

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