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SEX Male (Neutered)
DOB 01/05/2019
Datsun is being homed by BE KIND RESCUE. Applications will be taken via their website

Datsun is a sweet loving boy who has bonded with his foster and loves a cuddle. He loves to play with his toys and puzzles and picks up new tricks and training quickly and he is very treat motivated. He has lovely silky ears and is never happier than when getting a good fuss and tummy tickle.
CHILDREN: We are asking for a home with no small children for Datsun. If there are children in the home they need to be kind to him and not overwhelm him he will take a while to get settled and then he loves to play and run with his people. Datsun is a playful boy and can be quite boisterous and mouthy, so we feel smaller children could be at risk of being knocked over whilst Datsun is trying to be playful.
OTHER DOGS: Datsun needs to be the only dog in the home. We feel that this would be more beneficial to him. Datsun's confidence is increasing massively and he is learning to greet other dogs politely though his excitement can get the better of him and his new guardians will need to keep working on polite greetings and introductions. His current foster has done slow intros to other dogs and he has begun making new friends, she has been taking him to visit her family with her most weekends and he is trying to engage in play but hasn't quite learnt that a play bow followed by jumping all over them isn't always acceptable. They both love their squeaky toys and treats so they have been swapping their favourites. Datsun can be sensitive when he sees other dogs especially those who are bigger than him especially the fluffy ones. He is a strong boy so needs continued training with this, however he is settling much quicker and is very treat motivated we feel because his guardian is remaining calm and helping him to realise he is safe. We would expect an adopter to help him with this through training.
CATS: Datsun cannot be homed with cats. He has a very high prey drive and he will chase. We know Datsun can be worked with on this issue, and feel that with kind and persistent training he can be redirected away from any potential issues.
HEALTH: Datsun has been neutered. He is up to date with vaccinations and is a happy and healthy boy.
MORE INFORMATION: Datsun is doing incredibly well in foster. He suffered previously with separation anxiety, and the fosters have built up the time left and he can be left for a few hours (dog monitors show he now spends his time sleeping and playing with his toys and snaffling any treats that he has been left with). He settles well and is excited to see them when they get home. He will need to restart the build up of time left so that he understands he is safe and you will come back. Datsun has shown negativity when on lead towards some other dogs in particular those who are bigger and fluffy. His foster feels a large part of this is him reacting to the tension on the lead and anticipation of his handler and is easily distracted by treats and a lack of concern. He is a strong boy and if he gets a scent can pull like a steam train on lead, however the fosters have worked continually on this and he walks very nicely most of the time with a little encouragement. They take Datsun to a secure field where he is able to run off lead, with no distractions. Datsun is a wonderful boy, and we know in the right home he will absolutely thrive! Inside of the house there aren't really any challenges and he isn't a demanding boy. He loves to be with his people and will settle in whatever room they are in, he is a great cooking companion who will keep you company without getting under your feet. His nature is so sweet and he really tries to please. Datsun loves his toys, but mostly wants to curl up on the sofa, and he doesn't have any issues with new people. Datsun has been on a couple of holidays with the fosters and has met other dogs which there have been no issues. He is truly amazing.
IDEAL HOME: an ideal home for Datsun is one where he gets a lot of training interaction from his guardian. Not a busy home! One with no small children and where he has space to play, run and also a sofa to cuddle up on. He needs a calm and experienced owner who will help him to progress and one who will not leave him for long periods of time every day. He needs to be the only dog with no other animals.
TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Datsun will benefit greatly from continuous training using positive reinforcement. Datsun needs further and continued training walking on lead. He tends to pull if he gets a scent or sees a dog he is worried about, and he is a strong boy! Dats loves to play with puzzle toys and enjoys his training sessions. We can happily recommend trainers who can help with anything you may need going forward. We will also stay in touch as we know that support is so important and we never leave our adopters to it, we are always here!
When you complete an application we will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss Datsun with you.
This is our current assessment, the assessments are on-going as always, and although we temperament test our dogs in many situations, we cannot know